Behind the scenes of Harry Potter and Star Wars

Matt Denton (Visual Effects Society Awards Winner 2016), engineer and performer of BB-8, the superstar from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and upcoming The Last Jedi, will join us again at Comic Con Stockholm.

This time he will do a few interesting panels during the Con, one about Star Wars Droids on Saturday and on Sunday a panel about Animatronics in the movies, including his work on Harry Potter movies. As a special guest to R2-Builders Sweden he will also do signing at the R2-Builders booth Saturday and Sunday. So make sure you don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet Matt and get a firsthand glimpse of what happens behind the scene of Star Wars and Harry Potter.

His more than twenty years in Creature Effects and Animatronics, besides Star Wars, includes several Harry Potter films, Prometheus and The Worlds End to name a few.

Game of Thrones star to Comic Con Stockholm

We are proud to present the first guest of Comic Con Stockholm! Let’s welcome Iain Glen known as Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones.

Iain Glen is known from TV and movies such as Game of Thrones, Resident Evil and Downton Abbey. He will attend Comic Con Stockholm Saturday September 16th and Sunday September 17th, where you will meet him in Q&As at our main stage and in our Special Guest Area.

The droid builder fan that got hired by Disney

Lee Towersey will visit Comic Con Stockholm as a special guest to R2-Builders Sweden. He is the droid builder fan that got hired by Disney to work with R2-D2 on the Star Wars movies The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi and the upcoming Han Solo film.

He is a long-time member of the R2-D2 Builders Club. In July of 2013, at the Star Wars Celebration Europe, fellow UK-builder Oliver Steeples was showcasing his R2-D2 prop when Kathleen Kennedy engaged him in conversation about the clubs work. Lee and Oliver were subsequently contracted later that year to develop R2-D2 and other droid props for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), due to Kennedy’s recommendation. Lee has since been busy building and operating different Star Wars droids for the films and official events around the world.

Lee will participate in different activities with R2-Builders Sweden during the Con, including signing at the builder’s booth Saturday and Sunday. Lee will also do a panel about Star Wars droids on Saturday, so be sure not to miss any of the many activities including R2-Builders panels this weekend.

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Cosplay, robots and charity work comes together at Comic Con Stockholm!

Meet character from a galaxy far, far away and some from our own galaxy too, which appear to have just stepped out of the screen! Nordic Legions, that is made up by the organizations: The Rebel Legion – Nordic Base, The 501st Legion – Nordic Garrison, The R2 Builders Club Sweden, Nordic Reel Icons and Mandalorian Mercs will be there with a variety of costumes and robots. Come and say hi, meet their members and supporters and found out how to join, what they do and how to help out!

At their stand they offer different activities, such as:

Photostand: Come and have your picture taken with some of their costumed members. They have printers available at the scene, allowing for your picture to be printed right there on the day. They do charge a small fee, but money collected will be donated to Rädda Barnen Sverige (Save the Children Sweden). They understand a lot of you want to use your own cameras and phones for the pictures – who wouldn’t want to keep that picture of Darth Vader forever to be printed again and again? This is of course allowed to! Any donation made before or after this is very much appreciated – both by them and Rädda Barnen Sverige.

Blast-a-trooper:  “Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise”. Come and test your aim and contribute to the collection for Rädda Barnen Sverige. Perhaps compete with a friend? This is great fun for kids and adults alike!

Droids: R2 Builders Club are demonstrating their droids and showing how they were made. Do you want to make a rolling, chirping droid yourself? The R2 Builders can assist!

Parades: Twice a day they will have a Star Wars parade around the convention hall. Have your camera ready!